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Chewing Gum Sculptures By Maurizio Savini

Art can be beautiful or downright bizarre. This video shows 13 of the weirdest words of art!

My favorite one – Chewing Gum Sculptures By Maurizio Savini. Working with the gum for over a decade, he has created some amazing pieces. No he doesn’t chew the gum. Instead he has two full time assistants unwrapping each stick of gum and melting the pink sticky stuff into layers of usable material. Savini begins his lengthy process by layering the sheets of gum around plaster molds which give his sculptures stability and shape. He has the misfortune of several pieces disintegrating. He now combines the gum with formaldehyde and anti-biotics to preserve it, so the high sugar content doesn’t destroy the pieces. He says chewing gum has a unique cultural context. It is connected to art history, industry and world history, and is a loaded symbol for Savini. He says after being introduced to Europe when WW2 was ending, the material became a symbol (along with Coca Cola and nylon stockings) of a new era.

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