I am Roz. Innovative, creative and experienced UX designer, looking for a job
I am Roz. Innovative, creative and experienced UX designer, looking for a job


My passion

I love designing holistic systems that work. I am committed to usability, accessibility, equitability and the beauty of design.

What others say about me

Curious, resourceful, creative, humorous, compassionate, energetic, innovative, logical, adaptable, an enthusiastic learner and nature lover.

My dedication to UX

Throughout my career, I have gained extensive knowledge of UX strategy, design, and methodology. I always put users front and center.

Over the years, I have created digital products, improved user experience, managed projects, coordinated specialists, and used a variety of platforms and software.

I developed an in-depth understanding of users, improved my empathy for them, built a strong knowledge base, and advanced my ability to adapt quickly to new tools and technologies.

You can check out my RESUME and PORTFOLIO.

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I am fascinated by the endless opportunities that the internet and modern technology offer us.

I can be a bit of a dreamer. A thought experiment I might have would be time travel to the future in order to learn of new innovations, for example, how artificial intelligence has boosted personal creativity and information sharing.

At the same time I'm a very practical person that can find a simple solution to a complex problem with the time and resources that we have.

I like to communicate, collaborate and celebrate with people. I am also fine with sitting alone at my computer on a porch while watching deer in my yard.

View from my window. Deer.